Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 1

This short yet narrow par 4 is a birdie opportunity. Choose a club off of the tee that will set you up with a short wedge on your approach shot. Watch out for the tall pine tree guarding the right side of the green. The front of the green is guarded by bunkers on the left and right.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 2

This moderately long par 4 requires a good tee shot to set you up for a very important approach shot. An accurate approach shot to the front of the green will leave you with an uphill birdie putt. This green slopes severely from back to front.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 3

Choose your club wisely to this difficult par 3 that plays slightly uphill. The three tiered green is guarded by two bunkers front left and right. Aim for the center of the green to leave yourself an uphill putt to either side of the green. Par is a good score here.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 4

Aim for the fairway bunker through the end of the fairway on this dogleg left par 4. The fairway in the landing area slopes from left to right. The second shot plays downhill and into the prevailing wind. The small green is well guarded by deep greenside bunkers.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 5

A short par 4 that plays directly in to the prevailing wind. Long hitters will be able to carry the bunkers and have a short pitch in to the green. Shorter hitters will have to thread the bunkers leaving themselves a short iron for their second shot. Avoid the deep greenside bunkers and birdie is a real possibility here.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 6

This mid-range par 3 plays downwind but slightly uphill to a green that slopes back to front. When the flag is on the left half, you must challenge the large bunker in order to get an uphill birdie chance.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 7

This short par 5 is guarded by OB down the left side creating an exciting risk/reward tee shot. Longer hitters can clear the lake on the inside of the dogleg and leave themselves a mid to long iron to the horseshoe shaped green. The green slopes from front to back so you’re better off playing passed the pin for an uphill chip or putt.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 8

A slight dogleg to the right, this short par 4 puts a premium on accuracy with your approach shot. The green slopes away from the player. A high spinning shot will help hold the green and set you up for a birdie opportunity.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 9

This hole sets up for a tee shot shaped from right to left. A good drive will leave you with a short iron in to a fairly flat green. This hole is a great birdie opportunity to end your front 9.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 10

This long par 4 has a slight dogleg to the left and plays straight downwind. The small green slopes from right to left and is protected by a bunker on the front right. Missing the green to the left offers the best chance to get up and down for par.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 11

This par 3 will play shorter than the yardage due to the elevated tee box. The green is sloped from back to front and leaving the ball below the hole on your tee shot is essential to playing this hole successfully.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 12

At over 600 yards from the back tee, this is a true par five. Favor the right side of the fairway off of the tee to set up a better angle for your second shot. The green is severely sloped and requires an accurate approach shot. Par is a good score here.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 13

Aim for the middle of the green on this semi-blind tee shot. The green is guarded by 2 bunkers long and left and slopes from back to front. The tee shot plays downhill but is usually into the wind.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 14

Decision time. Lay up short of the lake and leave a mid to long in to the green or try to clear the lake and leave yourself a wedge in. The prevailing wind is in to you and from the left and will influence your tee shot from the elevated tee box.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 15

Do you take on the bunkers and lake to try and reach this par 5 in two? Or do you lay up off of the tee and make this a three shot hole? Either way, accuracy is at a premium. The green is guarded in the front by a deep bunker and is relatively flat.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 16

A sharp dog leg is the predominant feature of this difficult par 4. Courageous players are rewarded with a short iron approach when they successfully challenge the tree lined left side off the tee. The relatively large green is guarded by bunkers short and left.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 17

The last par three is the toughest of the five. Large bunkers on the right and a water hazard looming to the left protect the slightly elevated green.


Kevin Piccirillo

Hole 18

The finishing hole is a dream come true for long hitters. The straight fairway is the widest on the course. A large front bunker and an elevated putting surface force players to abandon any kind of run up shot in order to hit the green in two.